Château de Cros

The Château de Cros is a small feudal castle; which is also known as Château du Cros. It’s located in the town of Saint-Laurent close to Pionnat and Guéret in the Creuse France.


The Château de Cros appears in the cartulary of the Celestine monks of the Abbaye des Ternes on December 8, 1487. This Abbey is in the grounds of Chateau Les Ternes.

The Fricon family

The name Simon Fricon appears in the 1487 cartulary. He was the lord and fief of Cros.

The Taquenet family

Gilbert Taquenet was the president in the election of Guéret. He was the lord of Saint-Laurent and married Marie d’Aubusson in around 1615.

The Taquenet family owned the seigneuries of Saint-Laurent, Cros, Saint Léger-Bridereix, Chierdemont etc.
Sylvain Taquenet, lord of Cros was captain aide-major in the regiment of Agenais in 1711.

Monsieur Fayolle

The current owner and Lord of Chateau de Cros is Monsieur Fayolle.


This small xve (15th )century feudal castle consists of two main towers and a keep. There are watchtowers at each corner of the house.

There are still some traces of medieval battlements.

Ancient Post Cards


SystemDatumX Co-ordinateY Co-ordinate
Longitude latitudeWGS8446° 10′ 3.872635″N1° 58′ 5.545263″E
Longitude latitudeWGS8446.16774239869511.96820701762463
UTM coordinatesWGS8431T 420347.824 5113202.489
MGRS / UTMREFWGS8431TDM 20347.824 13202.489
NAC (Natural Area Coding)WGS84H4WLFZ QNT4T6
W3W (What 3 Words)Englishoutput.brashly.bickering
W3W (What 3 Words)Frenchraconter.désaligner.récitation
Plus Code (google Open Location Code)8FR35X99+37
WSG84 Web MercatorEPSG 3857Château de Cros, Le Cros, Villière, Saint-Laurent, Guéret, Creuse, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France métropolitaine, 23000, France


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