Château de Jouillat

The Château de Jouillat, is 14thcentury castle situated in Jouillat, CreuseNouvelle-AquitaineFrance. Originally, it is not a intended to be a Seigniorial or Feudal Castle.

For a long while Château de Jouillat was abandoned, with much of it’s stonework being robbed away and used to build homes in the local area; with even the chimney’s being taken.

Abandoned Château in the Creuse

During the 19thcentury it was converted to residential use. Three floors were installed along with some new somewhat contrasting 19thcentury fireplaces. It was also during this period when the gate pillars were adorned with the Romanesque statues of two Lions eating a man. These sculptures come from the local castle of Château de Bretouilly, which is now in ruins.


Pierre de Chamborant, Lord of Chamborant acquired the land of Jouillat; including Château and manor; in 1497, At the same time, he acquired the villages of Soullat and Peschedouères, following a lawsuit brought by Pierre’s uncle Imbert de Chamborant against Baron Pierre de Brion.

Baron Pierre de Brion was Lord of Sainte-Sévère, Pérouse, Huriel and Genouillac. His sister-in-law was Baroness Marguerite de Malval, wife of Pierre II de Brosse.

Previous to Pierre de Chamborant ownership, at some point; it is probably that Château de Jouillat was given to an ancestor of Baron Pierre de Brion, by his sister-in-law Baroness Marguerite de Malval.

On August 21, 1481 Pierre de Chamborant, married Souveraine de Chamborant, in turn their son Martin married Madeleine D’Aubusson in 1507 and had a son Jean de Chamborant in the same year.

Martin de Chamborant remarried Honorée Bertrand in 1510 and in turn on October 24, 1548 their daughter Marguerite married François du Peiroux.

Jean de Chamborant married Louise de Châteaubodeaux. They had two siblings, François; their first son, who died young and a daughter Marguerite, who followed.

Marguerite de Chamborant married Etienne Faure, Lord of Chassagnes and Monneyroux, Lieutenant-General of the Sénéchaussée de la Marche. Etienne and Marguerite had a daughter, Anne, who married Pierre de la Seigliere.

The Château was sold

Marguerite and Etienne bought Château de Jouillat for 750 écus on October 1, 1587. The Écu is a Middle Age French currency.

Château de Jouillat was bequeathed to Guillaume D’Aubusson, Lord of Souliers and Chassingrimont and his wife Louise de la Tremoille, by the now widowed Marguerite de Chamborant in a will dated June 20, 1616. Guillaume D’Aubusson was the grandson of Madeleine D’Aubusson, mentioned above, who remarried Claude de la Tremoille

Louis de Boery bought the Château de Jouillat in 1655, he married on December 14, 1651 in Guéret to Marie Dissandes but he left no children. When he died in 1695, his will was contested by creditors.

Château de Jouillat was Seized in 1696!

At auction on March 21, 1700 Château de Jouillat was bought by Marguerite de la Seigliere for 30500 livres. The deeds described the “château” as towers housing a house.

Louis de Boery’s heir Denys Michel de Montboisier-Beaufort-Canillac, also known as Le Marquis Du Pont Château (Black Musketeer to Kings Louis XIV and Louis XV) owned the Château de Jouillat and surrounding lands of Jouillat nearby Boisfranc in 1714.

It is during Louis’s ownership, that Château de Jouillat began it’s transformation into what we see now. He leased the property for 1300 livres; payable each Christmas. Many of these renovations were done between 1714 and 1733.

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Longitude latitudeWGS8446° 15′ 27.220267″N1° 56′ 8.577825E
Longitude latitudeWGS8446.2575611853911.93571606256591
UTM coordinatesWGS8431T 417973.445 5123215.375
MGRS / UTMREFWGS8431TDM 17973.445 23215.375
NAC (Natural Area Coding)WGS84H4T5BT QP8M0Q
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WSG84 Web MercatorEPSG 3857Château de Jouillat, Rue du Château, Les Moulins de Villevaleix, Jouillat, Guéret, Creuse, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France métropolitaine, 23220, France


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