Châtelus-Malvaleix is a small middle age town, located in the north of the Creuse region of France. It has around 600 inhabitants. It developed around a fortified castle belonging to the Malval family; hence the name.

Founder of the nearby abbey in Prébenoit in 1140, N. de Malval was the first known Lord. The town coat of arms shows three families coats of arms who were all Lords before the revolution; the Malesset, the Escoubleau and the La Roche-Aymon.

Originally, the castle would have been fortified with towers and a keep. There were outbuildings, stables, communal oven, Saint-Michel chapel, triangular courtyard etc.

The old moat or Etang du Château is still clearly visible today. The Château was sold in lots during the french revolution and largely destroyed. The stone was used to build the houses the stand on the site now and vestiges of the old Château can still be seen in the stonework, nearby churches and surrounding buildings.

The Château House

The Château house now forms part of The Sans Souci Estate. The purchased it in 1990 after seeing an advert in an English newspaper.

Chapel Keystone

The Keystone from the former segmented arch of the portal of the St Michel chapel, which opened onto the square in the gable.

Now that the chapel has been converted into a under-store, two small doors, opening side by side, have replaced the archway.

The wooden statue of St. Michael in the church of St. Piere-aux-liens also comes from the château’s former chapel.

The keystone was donated by Mr. Moulinat.

Old Post Cards


SystemDatumX Co-ordinateY Co-ordinate
Longitude latitudeWGS8446° 18′ 18.138636″N2° 1′ 34.60578″E
Longitude latitudeWGS8446.30503851012942.02627938335677
UTM coordinates WGS8431T 425018.118 5128400.966
MGRS / UTMREFWGS8431TDM 25018.118 28400.966
NAC (Natural Area Coding)WGS84H51Z3T QPHQN5
W3W (What 3 Words)Englishmotorway.luncheon.shoplift
W3W (What 3 Words)Frenchfourchette.détachant.noël
Plus Code (google Open Location Code)8FR4824G+2G
WSG84 Web MercatorEPSG 3857Rue du Château, Châtelus-Malvaleix, Guéret, Creuse, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France métropolitaine, 23270, France


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