An Old French ID Card

Whilst moving and clearing an old cabinet left behind by the previous occupant we found an old French ID card. This property has basically stayed in the same family for over a century.

Previously we found a picture in an old sewing machine.

We know from our Acte Authentique De Vente that our house was gifted as an engagement present to Monsieur Guillard in December 1910. He married in January 1912.

We assumed the photo in the sewing box was Monsieur Guillard, but now we are not so sure. It may well be his son.

On the 14th July 1914 The Great War Broke out and Monsieur Guillard was called to duty. The property was inherited from Madame Guillard in 1947 by her daughters.

Olivia Garaython was born at Mastribut (our house), Vigeville. 8th August 1912. Her occupation was ‘Cultivatrice’ or farmer. The photo was taken when she was 32 years old, in 1944.

Not only did we find an ID card we found an ‘Carte D’Electeur’ or Voter’s card from 1958.

We suspect the two people in the photo’s were married. In 1947, there were no males left in the family bloodline, just two daughters.