Spring Water Conversion to Mains

On our land is at least one well. There is a large pond 20m x 18m and possibly two more springs.

We have been told the water to our house comes from a larger spring in a neighbouring field. However, nobody seems to know for sure as it was installed over 130 years ago by people long deceased. There are no records of it’s location and the house has been empty for 25 years.

When we got the keys for the property the only working tap was a spring water garden tap in one of the cellars. It was leaking and needed fixing. The water coming from it was quite cloudy and I wouldn’t like to drink it.

Sometimes you can use spring water for flushing the toilets or heating but in our case the water did seem like it needed some serious filtering.

French law requires you to be connected to mains water and a meter. We had a several spring water sources, however realistically we still needed a fresh clean mains connection.

Our neighbour was kind enough to film this for us. Our mains water going in – A BIG TRENCH!

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