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Chateaux of the Creuse


There are at least 300 Château hidden in the Creuse. Some are visible from over 100 miles away, others have been swallowed up by the undergrowth.

One hundred years ago, there were many more and finding out which Château still remain is quite a task. There are countless reasons for the destruction of these great monuments.
It’s still happening today.

Many abandoned Château are being restored, however many have disappeared from the map and radar. French reclamation yards are still crammed packed full of marble pillars, grand fireplaces and massive wooden panels. They had to have come from somewhere.

Some Château hiding away are simple spectacular. They have no sign posts, even many locals do not know of there existence and there is no documentation online and yet they are still there; hidden away. Some have been there for centuries. To complicate matters, several dialects are spoken in France, meaning Château names have often changed or been misspelled over time. Often different Châteaux share very similar or identical names: Château de la Fôt and Château du Fôt; for instance.

No.ChâteauCommuneTypeConditionAgePost Code
1Boutique sous l’encorbellement en boisAubussonOld ShopGood23200
2Caisse d’EpargneAubussonBankGood23200
3Caisse d’EpargneLa SouterraineBankGood23300
4Château Abain / Château de MalvalMalvalCastleRuin11-15th23220
5Château de l’Âge-au-SeigneurLe Grand-BourgChâteauDerelict12&17th23240
6Château d’ArfeuilleFelletinChâteauGood23500
7Château de Annet Chapal /
Château de Maison Aimee Chapal
La Villeneuve En MarcheChâteauGood23260
8Château des AnglesGiouxChâteauGood23500
9Château d’Aubusson /
Château des Vicomtes d’Aubusson /
Le Chapitre
10Château de BaboneixLa ChaussadeChâteauGood23200
11Château BabonnetBellegarde-en-MarcheChâteauGood23190
12Château de la Baconaille /
La Baconaille
13Château de Barbe-BleueChambon sur VoueizeChâteauGood23600
14Château de la BardeSaint-Sulpice-le-DunoisChâteauGood23800
15Château de Emile Barthelmy ChapalLa Villeneuve En MarcheChâteauGood23260
16Château de la BaronailleSaint MoreilChâteauGood23400
17Château du Bas-BouteixSaint-FrionChâteauGood23500
18Château de BeaufortMalleretChâteau23600
19Château de BeaumontSaint-Yrieix-les-Bois23150
20Château de BeaupêcheDomeyrot23140
21Château de BeauregardSaint-Priest23110
22Château de Beauvais Les LionsBonnat23220
23Château de BeauvaisSaint-Amand-Jartoudeix23400
24Château de BellefayeSoumans23600
25Château de BlessacBlessac23200
26Château BodeauRougnat23700
27Château de Bogenet /
Château de Bosgenet
28Château de Bois-Lamy /
Tour Zizim de Bois-Lamy
29Château de BoisqueyreauxMautes23190
30Château de BonlieuPeyrat-la-Nonière23130
Maison du Bonnet Saint Priest (Ancien Sénéchal)La Souterraine23300
Château du BostMagnat-l’Etrange23260
Tour du BouchetNouzerollesTower23360
Château de BouffangesSaint-Marc-à-Loubaud23460
Château de Bouffangeas D’ArcachonSaint-Marc-à-Loubaud23460
Château de BourganeufBourganeuf23400
Château de BoussacBoussac23600
Tour de rempart de BoussacBoussac23600
Maison de Bonnet St PriestLa Souterraine23300
Château de la BreuilleSaint-Merd-la-Breuille
Château de Bridiers /
Tour de Bridiers
La SouterraineTowerRuin23300
Château de la BrodiêreLourdoueix Saint Pierre
Château de BrousseBrousse23700
Château de Budeille /
Château de Budelle
Château de BusserollesFelletin23500
Tour Catinaud de Puy LascauxMoutier-RozeilleTower
Château de la CelleteLa Cellete
Château de Chabassière d’AubussonAubussonChâteauDerelict1863-186523200
Château de Cher-du-PratGuéretChâteauGood23000
Château de CrosSaint-LaurentChâteauGood148723000
Château de JarnagesJarnagesChâteauGood15th23140
Château de JouillatJouillatChâteauGood23220
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